A Unique Exchange With futuristic Approach

PLATONEX | Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange is a unique cryptocurrency exchange created with the goal of making cryptocurrency trading easier and more reliable & popular. July'2018, Platonex has Initially started with cryptocurrency wallet service for users . Platonex wallet is compitable to store Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Platonex has launched its beta exchange (crypto-to-crypto) in Dec'2018. Team is working to add new projects & provide better financial opportunities for users.

We are continiously working to provide better experience for traders. We are improving liquidity management for smooth trading experience. We constantly improve in order to answer the needs of our users, tighten security and provide features that will create a new standard for cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

We strive to provide our users with an exchange platform environment that is both safe and secure, as well as fair and ethical. Ensuring a trusted and reliable trading environment is a top priority for PLATONEX | Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange. For this reason, we have instituted circuit-breaker measures to protect average users against excessive volatility and manipulation of the market.

The measures instituted are the following:

1. We won't allow placing buy-limit orders at a price below that of the user's sell-stop orders.
2. We won't allow placing sell-stop orders at a price above that of the user's buy-limit orders.

These measures will help ensure that the market functions in an equitable way for all users.