Frequently Asked Questions
Step-1: Login to Platonex and open [Deposit]
Step-2: Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to deposit.
Step-3: Read the given informations carefully before deposit.
Once you deposit your fund as per instruction, it will wait to be confirmed on blockchain. After successful confirmation on blockchain, you fund will get added to your Spot Wallet. If you deposit your fund in wrong address or wrong blockchain, it will not get added to your wallet. Deposits are credited to your Spot Wallet automatically. However if you find everything correct from your side and your wallet not funded, you can contact us after 24 hours via email. Place your User name, Transaction Id and your issue to
If you have sent your tokens to an incorrect address that doesn’t belong to Platonex, we are unable to provide any further assistance. You can try to contact the relevant parties for assistance (owner of the address or exchange/platform that the address belongs to).
Step-1: Login to Platonex and open [Withdrawals]
Step-2: Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to Withdraw.
Step-3: Read the given informations carefully before Withdrawal.
Step-4: Place the correct address where you want to withdraw your fund.
Step-5: Select the Blockchain Network if/where required.
Step-6: Complete 2FA and Email Verification.
Transferring funds from your Platonex account to another exchange or wallet involves three steps:
Withdrawal request on Platonex
Blockchain network confirmation
Deposit on the corresponding platform
Generally, a Transaction ID will be generated within 30-60 minutes, indicating that Platonex has successfully broadcasted the withdrawal transaction.
However, it might still take some time for that particular transaction to be confirmed and even longer for the funds to be credited into the destination wallet. The amount of required “network confirmations” varies for different blockchains.
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If you mistakenly withdraw funds to a wrong address, Platonex is unable to locate the receiver of your funds and provide you any further assistance.
If you sent your assets to an incorrect address by mistake and you know the owner of this address, please contact the owner directly.
You can earn the industries best APR on your crypto assets. You can transfer fund to your funding wallet and enjoy daily (interest) earning.
You can close your funding wallet position and get your principal & interest (earning) instantly to your Spot Wallet. 1% Fee will applied on closing your Funding Position.
If your issue not resolve in 24 hours (deposit/withdrawal/trade/wallet etc.), you can sent us email describing your issue along with your user id/name to Our support team will check your issue and provide support to resolve your issue.]